Thank you from your winner – Ashley

First of all, thanks to everyone that took part in the Tantalum Zone – students, teachers, scientists, mods and all! It has been a great two weeks, with some weird and wonderful questions to answer! I must give a special thanks to the other scientists in the zone as I found reading the answers of people with differing expertise really enlightening.

As some may have noticed from my vague profile, I wasn’t overly aware that this was a competition from the start. I joined up just for the fun of talking about science, so to win is an absolute privilege! I now have some money and more importantly the responsibility to do something cool, fun and engaging to get guys like you more involved in our world. This is a really exciting opportunity that I never expected to have, and I already have a thousand hair brained ideas.

So…thanks for the questions and the banter.

Whatever you all do in your lives, enjoy yourselves! With that, I will leave you with this magical quote…

Be excellent to each other….and….PARTY ON, DUDES!’ – Abraham Lincoln; Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure.

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